Dungeon Reset
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Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Manhwa, Web Toons

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Story So Far [Warning: Spoilers]

“Dungeon Reset” is the storry about a group of people that gets teleported into a another dimension and met with a talking rabbit. This rabbit acts as a supervisor and tell all the people they are participants of a dungeon. To escape this dimension they need to clear the dungeon and they are given various powers.

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Enter our MC Jung Da Wun who has a weak skill named “Purification” that is not suitable for battle. But it is very important to purify toxins in foods because most of the foods found in this dungeon are quite toxic. Deemed unworthy with in the group Da Wun gets discriminated constantly. And only person who values him as a friend was Seun Woo. But near the end of the dungeon Da Wun gets trapped and abandoned by his group and Seun Woo,

The dungeon supervisor forgets about Da Wun and thinks he died in the trap continue the dungeon with others. But our MC survives and when the dungeon his completed by his group he is left alone. While others completed and moved on to the next level Da Wun gets treated as an error by the dungeon. Annoyed by this fact the supervisor tries to tell Da Wun to just kill himself or tries every other method to kill him. Because he is afraid that other supervisors of the dungeon finds out about Da Wun being an error.

Leveling Up

This starts the journey of our MC stucked in the dungoen and unable to get out. He uses and finds more trash skills and make them level up to survive. While he is leveling up using many unorthodox methods such as digging and crafting he acquired a new skill. He acquired “master of sand blocks” skill while digging to escape the trap. This skill gave our MC the ability to manipulate earth. And so our MC starts to acquire many other unorthodox skills that may deem trashy at first. But actually very powerful in the hands our MC who is quite intelligent. Many other groups gets summoned by the supervisor and makes them clear the dungeon. And each time one group clears the dungeon it resets but our MC’s progress and levels doesn’t.

Overall Story & Artwork in “Dungeon Reset”

This is not the average story about the MC who have overwhelming abilities and skills. The uniqueness of this story is the intelligence of the MC who uses all the unorthodox skills that are deemed trashy to his advantage. He doesn’t have great ambitions such as the other cliche stories. The only thing he wants is his survival and he will use any means necessary to achieve that. Even though it based on survival and harsh environment the story doesn’t lack any comedy. As a reader i found the moments the supervisor get annoyed and angry hilarious due to the unorthodox methods our MC use to survive in the dungeon. The artwork in this webtoon is amazingly drawn and gives justice to the characters and battle with details. Its Artwork is on par with the more popular webtoons in this genre.


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