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Story So Far [Warning: Spoilers]

“FFF-Class Trashero” is not your average Isekai story. KIm Han Soo who got summoned into world as a hero to defeat the Demon King. And after 10 years of struggles and leveling he finally defeats the Demon King. But instead of returning to his home world he gets evaluated at the end by a God. And according to that evaluated report card he has failed as a hero due to his personality. Because before defeating the demon king he has killed all of his allies in his hero party. Due to the fact them being annoying and bullying him throughout 10 years in the party. As a result of this fact he has to returned back 10 years to the time that he gets summoned. Therefore he have to defeat the demon king again and should fix his personality and character to return to his home world.

Back to the past

Annoyed by the fact he has to redo this process again. But for our MC most irritated part was to spent more time in a world without flushed toilets. And this time the god has appointed a supervisor to overlook our hero’s journey and to help fix his personality. Due to all the struggles he faced during his first time due to lack of support by the kingdom. Our MC is now well prepared to face them head on and not be used as a puppet by the summoners. Unlike the last time he demands all the support from the kingdom and the king. And if they refused him he threatened them with leaving the kingdom. Due to the fact they are unable to re summon another hero they approved all of the support.

Battle at the Slave Auction

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And hence start the journey of our hero once again now with all the financial support. To help him level up fast as a hero he is granted a 500x XP bonus trait. But not like other isekai MC’s who will kill monsters and clear dungeons. Kim Han Soo goes straight after strong opponents with higher levels. So to achieve this he goes to a black market where slaves are sold. With his ability as a hero he can see others Levels and abilities by using this he buys a strong slave. And in this Slave auction he finds a paralized higher level elf. It gets ambushed by elves lead by an elf queen the former ally of our MC to rescue all the slaves and the higher level elf. The former ally of the hero the elf queen holds many discriminatory views against humans.

And due to this fact she hated and cause various trouble to our MC throughout the 10 years before . One of the main turning points last time he came to the auction was he bought the elf queen. Who were captured during this ambush before and was bought by the hero last time. But this time the hero decides to kill all the elves and the higher elf to gain more XP including the former ally the elf queen. He gains a massive amount of XP during the auction that took years to get last time. And he claimed it as self defense asked to overlook this incident by the supervisor appointed by the god. This incident shows the Uniqueness of “FFF-Class Trashero”. Because our MC will tries his best to avoid or kill his former allies and also keep up with a good evaluation.

Overall Story & Artwork in “FFF-Class Trashero”

This webtoon is suitable for readers who seeks stories about anti-heroes. The MC’s personality in this story should be the more realistic one and not like the usual isekai. The story is well written and gives the perspective of the MC who is tired and troubled by the responsibilities. He is ruthless against his foes and allies alike and only thing he care about him returning to his home world. To achieve his goal he will use any means possible and will be cautious enough to avoid a bad evaluation. And after coming back to the past he realized how inefficient he was. Therefore Instead of doing trivial quests or helping out the citizens he will only seeks to gain more power.

The Artwork in this webtoon gives our MC’s personality a comedic allure and it is illustrated amazingly. Its artwork is not on par with the more popular webtoons but the characters and battles are drawn with good details.


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