I’m An Evil God
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Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Manhua, Web Toons

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Story So Far [Warning: Spoilers]

This is not your usual martial arts story where all the MC’ have great ambitions or vengeance to accomplish. “I’m An Evil God” follows the story of Xie Yan who was transferred into another world after death. Xie Yan was transferred into a body of person with the same name in another world. He was a male concubine of female martial artist of a Demon sect in the current world. Previous owner’s body was used to increase the cultivation of the female martial artist. She used evil techniques to drain his life force through intercourse. After figuring about her objective Xie Yan desperately try to escape her clutches. But suddenly he gets awarded a system similar where he can use points. These points are awarded by earning various emotions directed at him. For example if he was hated by some one he gets points as a currency.

Learning cultivation & Exploring other worlds

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The system Xie Yan got also has the ability to transfer parallel worlds. Where Xie Yan get certain missions to complete to earn various rewards. These rewards consists of high tier martial arts to various relics and also it can be used to earn points. And these missions differ for each world such as once Xie Yan transferred into a world as a son of a city lord. His mission was to kill the lover of his new bride who is blessed as a son of god in that world. And also some who excels at martial arts. After Xie Yan completed this mission he transferred back to where he reincarnated with all the accomplishments and rewards.

And he uses all the points he gained to upgrade his cultivation and techniques through the system. And with the help of this he is able to escape the female martial artist from the demon sect. But get captured by her sect master who also happened to be a female cultivator. But the sect master doesn’t cultivate evil techniques so she take Xie Yan as her manservant. And helps him learn many secret techniques of her sect instead therefore he rises through ranks in power.

Overall story & Artwork in “I’m An Evil God”

In this story our MC is a very interesting and unique character. He is smart and intelligent and wont fall for women easily. In fact he detest all the women who fall for his looks. And the only woman he respect on the new world is the sect master of the demon sect. Who values his ability rather than his good looks. And to achieve power our MC would use any means necessary even underhanded methods. For example to earn points through hate he uses many vicious and vile tactics that usual MC’s wont use on people. The Artwork in “I’m An Evil God” are much better unlike the usual martial arts manhwa. The characters and battles are drawn with good details and it is on par with the more popular webtoons.


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