Magic Emperor
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Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Manhua, Thriller, Web Toons

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Story So Far [Warning: Spoilers]

I really recommend this webtoon for readers who seeks story with a MC that is an anti-hero. Zhuo Yifan who was a great magic emperor gets transferred into a different body at the verge of his death. Many masters were interested in his secrets of his powers. And with the help of his apprentice’s betrayal they were able to take him down. But he was able to transfer with all of his secrets intact and vowing for revenge. He was transferred into the body young Zhuo Fan who was already dead but all of his memories retained and were accessible by Zhuo Yifan.

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Due to the fact our MC is a demonic magic user who excels at magic. He harbor no compassion or kindness to others. But with the entanglement of Zhuo Fan memories he gradually starts to understand them. First scenario he faced them were after awakening from the transfer and getting to know he was a butler. Zhuo Fan was the butler of Luo family and while he tried to abandon them after awakening he wasn’t able to. Due to the feelings held by the previous owner of his in his memories. therefore instead of abandoning them he started to protect them instead.

Zhuo Yifan now re birthed as Zhuo fan has the demonic power of absorbing others power. And by using this power he steals power of his enemies without showing any remorse. But one of the reason he starts to increase power is to protect current Luo family and their leader. And also he wants to be powerful as once he was and take revenge on his enemies and betrayers. He has all the knowledge and powers he gathered while he was the Magic Emperor to achieve this goal.

Overall Story and Artwork of “Magic Emperor”

I really loves our MC who will do any means necessary to achieve his goals and ensure his survival. But also carry loyalty in his towards his family as a butler. He is the type of character who uses anyone at his disposal to achieve his goal. He is cunning, smart and confident in his powers and knowledge. This character is one of unique design even though he would use tactics and wield powers normally used by villains in a story. While story develops we can also see how Zhuo Fan’s emotions also unravels being the cold hearted demon magic emperor he is. So i really recommend this webtoon to the readers who seeks perspective of an Anti-hero. The artwork in this webtoon is beautifully illustrated and details of battles and characters are drawn amazingly.


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