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Story So Far [Warning: Spoilers]

“Solo leveling” follows the journey of Sun JIn-Woo from the world weakest hunter to the strongest. Hunters go through an awakening recieve their powers to close dungeons that spawns randomly around cities. From the start our MC is quite weak and gets injured a lot even in E Rank dungeons which is identified as the weakest of them all. The Ranking system given to the dungeons and the players are the same. Both ranged from “A” to “E” and S being the strongest.

To help his sickly mother and teenage sister our MC participates in these dungeon raids to earn money. The story of the solo leveling starts when JIn-Woo joins a raid party to clear a D rank dungeon with his regular party. A raid party must at least consist 10 people to enter a dungeon. While clearing the dungeon they find a hidden lair and decides to clear it too. After entering this lair they met catastrophic beings that are much higher level than them. The lair gets locked and the monsters inside it gives certain orders to obey under a certain timer, those who disobeys get killed. Half of the raiding party gets killed within moment for disobeying.

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But Jin-Woo and his close companions remain alive due to his quick thinking. Before final task our MC get terribly injured and lost his leg while saving his friend. He gets betrayed by some of the remaining party members and left for dead. In the verge of death he helped his two close friends escape and tries to fight the monsters. But at that moment our MC gets save by a mysterious screen appeared before him. The screen Asked him if he wants to be a “Player” and he Accepted it before he passed out.

A Second Awakening

We get to find our MC in the hospital fully healed after the incident at the hidden lair. He is surprised how his lost leg got recovered and then he is visited by two agents of the Hunter’s Association. This Association handles all the hunter related matters in Korea this includes the guilds as well. These two agents were able to confirm the incident but they were unable to see the changes with in our MC. Jin-Woo were able to notice a screen that others cant seem to notice. It is an screen similar to an UI of a MMORPG game that gives him daily quests and rewards.

After completing theses quest Jin-Woo’s Strength grew exponentially and received special keys as rewards. These keys can open special dungeons only our MC can access and he used them to earn EXP. He joins a raid party with Billionaire’s son Yoo Jin-Ho and eight others and discovered a new hidden threat in dungeon. It was that even allies can turn each other against you. Jin-woo and Yoo jin-ho were used as bait by this raid party, but due to our MC’s unwavering strength they were able to overcome them and clear a C rank dungeon. During this incident our MC showed no mercy to the betrayers while killing them. After this Yoo Jin-Ho joined with our MC to clear dungeons just with the two of them.

Choosing A Job and A New Rank Evaluation

After reaching LVL.40 by clearing dungeons our MC was able to choose a job by completing a quest given by the system. In this quest he needed to survive in a dungeon for 4 hours while killing all the monsters inside it. At the end of the timer Sun Jin-Woo was awarded a job according to the way he battle. The job was “Necromancer” but by achieving hidden achievements during the quest he was able to upgrade his job into “Shadow Monarch”. The power this job offers our MC is the control of shadows of fallen monsters and people. And also adding them into an personal army that can be summoned. Therefore from this point the MC’s will increase his army by collecting the shadows of strong enemies he defeats.

With the help of his new earned powers Sun Jin-Woo were able to rise even higher in levels. And finally decides reevaluate his rank therefore he arrives at Korea’s hunters association. In there he was reevaluated into a S rank the highest rank from E. But his results were delayed due to associations interest in him and directly asked by its chairman to join them. Even famous Korean guilds showed high interest on him but he refused all of them. After the delay the whole nation comes to know the 10th S rank hunter in chorea Sun Jin-woo.

What to expect in the future

Future of Solo leveling will be even more mind blowing just like the Artwork in this webtoon. Clearly detailed battles and amazingly drawn characters must be praised heavily. And recently its have been acknowledged that “S Rank” is not the strongest rank in the hierarchy. The highest level a hunter can achieve is called “National Level Hunter” this level is given to hunters that can control and manipulate nation with their powers. So our MC’s journey to achieve that level will be interesting to see. And also in the future he will starts his own guild with him as guild master and Jin-Ho as vice master. This webtoon is must read as fan of this genre and you will never regret picking this up in your leisure time.


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