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Story So Far [Warning: Spoilers]

“Supernova” follow the story of Yushin who starts go against his high school’s delinquents to stop bulling the weak. This story starts when Yushin gets in trouble with the class bully Steve while feeding some stray cats with Harry. But he gets saved by Harry the bully’s errand boy and victim of lot of cruel acts. Yushin couldn’t answer Steve’s question if he is Harry’s friend or not in fear of bullying. Harry understands this and denied Yushin as his friend first and leaves with bullies. But the next day Yushin finds out Harry passed away due to suicide due to bullying. Yushin weeps and starts to realize he also contributed to his death by ignoring all the bullying and for being silent about it.

While not showing any empathy towards Harry’s death, Steve starts to target Yushin again. But this time he confronts them and blames them for Harry’s death. And this leads them to a fight and while contemplating how to face it. He is approached by a stray cat and this is where this starts to get real interesting. The cat spoke to Yushin identifying him as “Mujin” and the mentor to one of ancient great general of korea named “Yushin Kim”. The cat told him that he will take Yushin as his disciple due to the fact he has General Yushin Kims “Eol”. Eol is something similar to a soul in this world. After being dumbfounded Yushin delayed his reply as for being his desciple for later.

Forming an Ant-Bullying Group

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And at the day of the between Yushin and Steve, Yushin gets beat up by Steve and suddenly get save by the cat and then get his body possessed. Being the great mentor of a General who excels at martial arts Mujin the cat destroys steve in combat. And puts him to shame and after the fight Yushin accepts Mujin. And after this he vows to train under him and use his martial arts to protect the weak.

Yushin takes initiative to form an anti bullying group. With his close friends and people with the same goal. And as for its leader he chose “Chunchu” another inheritor of “Eol” according to mujin it was of a previous king. But Chunchu rejects his offer and say he wants to be the leader of all the delinquents in his school. And yet he promises Yushin he wouldn’t bully the weak and would even stop his underlings from doing that. Even though he is a delinquent Chunchu doesn’t harbor any evil unlike the others.

Overall Story and Artwork of “Supernova”

I really recommend “Supernova” for reader looking for an anti-bullying story. This webtoon has it all from martial arts to fantasy but the plot integration is not as good. The story might get confusing at times but the character development is great. Our two MC’s Yushin and Chunchu’s development in powers and their views are interesting throughout the story. All the artwork looks dated but illustrated wonderfully. Characters and fights are drawn with details but not on-par with the latest webtoons.

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