The Beginning After the End

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Begining after the end
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Story So Far [Warning: Spoilers]

“The Beginning After the End” is not your average Isekai story where the MC get cheat abilities and start their journey to building a harem instead. King Grey was an exceptional ruler in his past life who driven his previous world in to a great er. But he lived a lonely life until his death but after reincarnating as Arthur. He finds the warmth of a family that he never had previously with a loving father and a mother. He gained awareness of his past life experiences at an early stage of childhood. And with the new discovery of the Magic in the new world he tries to learn it and use them to his advantage.

As a three year old he is able to awaken his magic abilities. With the help of his parents who are former adventurers he develops his new magic and combat abilities further. And with the kingly combat abilities and experiences he gathered in his previous life he become formidable. One of the main attractive points of this Webtoon is that I think unlike other isekai stories. This Webtoon focuses on the development of MC’s abilities. And give clear understanding about how he gain them and uses them instead of typical god given cheat abilities.

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At the young age of five the parents of our MC decides to move away from their home to the capital. To help Arthur in advanced magic studies as per his request. In the journey there Arthur gets separated from his parents due to a bandit attack and presumes dead . Arthur meets an injured dark knight who saves his life after falling of a cliff. While Arthur recovering in a cave where this mysterious dark knight resides, the relationship between the two grew and they became great companions.

Three year Separation

Later the knight reveal her identity at her deathbed and identified as a dragon. She bestow Arthur dragon taming powers and a dragon egg contained her daughter inside it for further protection. After the loss of his friend he starts his journey to reunite with his parents. There he meets kidnapped elf princess who Arthur saves and helped her get back home to the elf kingdom. An elf elder helps him understand his dragon taming powers with his knowledge in monster taming. The dragon egg later hatched and spawned a baby dragon named Sylvie that identified Arthur as her parent.

Royal family of the elf kingdom provides Arthur protection and hospitality due to him saving the elf princess. Arthur spend three years with the newfound allies and friends in the elf kingdom training the dragon taming powers he acquired. Before returning to the capital with Sylvie to reunites with his parents and his newborn sister. He introduced Sylvie as a black lizard to his family hiding her true identity as a dragon.

After all the experience he accumulated in his journey his abilities and skills grew exponentially. And with the pride he holds as a king who governed a great nation he never underestimate himself or never let his enemies show his weaknesses. For instance once the current king in the capital ask Arthur to handover Sylvie (who he claims a normal lizard type monster to hide her true identity) to his grand mage. Arthur defies kings order and asked if he ever handover his own children. And when the king’s mage tried to forcefully capture Sylvie. He shows great killing intent that stuns everyone with in the vicinity and destroy the mage with ease. I think this incident shows whats Arthur’s kingly characteristics and abilities.

Overall Story and Artwork in “The Beginning after the end”

I think “The Beginning after the end” is a great Webtoon that avoid every typical Isekai story line that found today. It shows a great character development throughout the story and never let the story become dull or boring. I think the artwork in this Webtoon are topnotch and give great attention to details in the battles. And environment are also drawn very beautifully and illustratively. I highly recommended “The Beginning after the end” to the readers. Who want to experience a good fantasy/adventure Isekai story without the usual cliché stories.


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