The Hunter
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Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Manhua, Web Toons

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Story So Far [Warning: Spoilers]

“The Hunter” follows the story of Chen Beiming who gets transported back into 10 years back with all of his memory after dying. Because he was betrayed by his allies in the heavenly alliance called the Five lords. Now vowing for revenge he starts to cultivate and increase his power while protecting his younger sister. But he will take every precaution to not let the past happen again. Such as the death of his sister and his friends therefore he seeks every way possible to get stronger to protect them.

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In this world hunters use battle spirits, these are powerful monsters who helps hunters increase their power. With the reincarnation Chen BeiMing’s battle spirit called “Snowball”also came back to past. And it was revealed that it was snowball’s power of time manipulation that brought our MC back to the past. With all of his memories and experience intact as an excellent hunter. He starts his journey to be powerful as he once was. One of the skills he learned previously was pill concocting through alchemy. Our MC use these pills to advance his powers and cure many poisons and diereses throughout the story.

And also he ally with powerful figures with information he gathered before returning to the present. Therefore he gains favors and also helps them with pills to improve their powers. The story of “The Hunter” webtoon differs from other revenge stories . This is due to the preparations our MC takes to achieve his revenge. Rather than blindly chase after the villains he take step by step approach while protecting the people that dear to him.

Overall Story and Artwork of “The Hunter”

His social status was poor after his parents died and his relatives took over his family. And chase him and his sister after breaking after his engagement too. But after gaining influence and power he ignored all of those relatives. Our MC is very determined and will use any method at his disposal to protect his allies and his sister. This shows his compassionate nature but to his enemies he shows none. I recommend this webtoon to readers who enjoys a nice revenge story with good character development. All of the artwork in “The hunter” are illustrated beautifully with detailed battles and characters and is on par with famous webtoons.


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