The Master Of Martial Arts Retired Life

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The Master Of Martial Arts Retired Life
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Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Manhua, Web Toons

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Story So Far [Warning: Spoilers]

“The Master Of Martial Arts Retired Life” follows the journey of Ming Feizhen. The newly appointed leader of the great martial arts sect Mount Daluo. But he was tricked by his master the previous leader of the sect. To inherit large sum of debt he acquired previously to Ming. So to avoid this fate he decided to escape from the sect. Joined by he junior martial sister he decides to join the imperial army. And live a leisurely life enjoying braised pork and wine everyday as a simple soldier. Even though he is introduced as a weak individual and a scapegoat at first. Ming Feizhen is a strong martial artist and he hides his power and potential on purpose. He even hides his power while entering the army facing their trails to qualify. And gain reputation as a weak and lazy individual with in the peers of his army faction.

Later in the story we will find out how strong of a character Ming Feizhen is. He is not only the sect master of renown martial arts sect he is also lead other sects, Therefore having multiple identities such as a master of a world famous assassin guild or demon sect that rules over the world. This is all due to the fact he starts his martial arts at early stage of life and being a genius at it. And with the help of previous sect master his teacher and his teachings. But most of them were very harsh or ended up being conned by him. But with the help of all the harsh trials and struggle by the age of 27 Ming Feizhen became a master of martial artist.

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Overall Story & Artwork in “The Master Of Martial Arts Retired Life”

Even though the reason why Ming Feizhen joined the army is to retire and have a leisure life. Later in the story it can be identified that there’s more to it than it seems. Because he tries his best to help his army faction and it’s leader to solve problems with in the army. Because the faction Ming Feizhen joined is the weakest out of the 3 factions. He uses all of his identities to help the faction to gain reputation and help their struggles.

This is not your usual martial arts story where your MC vows for vengeance or power. And doesn’t have the usual plots like reincarnation or betrayals. It is the simply the story of an individual who stood at the apex of martial arts and his retired life. While he tries hide its identity he come across hilarious situations and its very lighthearted. But when the situations arise when he have to show his true powers it gets wild real fast. This webtoon is a must read for people who seeks a good martial arts manhua without the usual plots. The artwork is much better and amazing than the usual manhua. And the battles and characters are illustrated with good details and it is on par with the popular webtoons right now.


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