Youngest Princess

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Youngest Princess
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Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Romance

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Story So Far [Warning: Spoilers]

“Youngest Princess” follows the story of an Arch mage of a great magic kingdom. Who gets transferred into a baby suddenly. She was once stood upon the apex of magic but now shes the daughter of an Emperor. Due to a prophecy long ago it has said that the 3rd child of the Hyperion royal family is destined for greatness. For a long time the royal family were not able to birth a 3rd child. But now as Enisha Hyperion the third child of the emperor. She is destined to have a great future and brings fortune to the entire empire. The emperor of the Hyperion kingdom is renowned as a ruthless ruler and a great warlord. At first he didn’t care much about her daughter and gave her no affection. But she was determined to gain his affection and rule him with her cuteness.

And she was able to win the emperor’s heart with ease and he started to shower her with affection. Her next target to bewitch with her cuteness was her two twin brothers. Both were excellent in everything and were ruthless as same as their father. Because of their ruthless nature normal children and people were scared of them and avoids them. But Enisha was didn’t show any fear or disgust towards them. Therefore they started to completely fall for her charms and cuteness.

Overprotective Father & Brothers

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Due to her being the Youngest Princess she is adored by her father and brothers. And one of the most cute and comical aspect about this story is their over protectiveness. Due to her great destiny as the 3rd child of the Hyperion kingdom many countries sent assassins to kill her. But all attempts were stopped and assassins were killed ruthlessly by her twin brothers. And also showed no mercy to the guards who were protecting her. But Enisha stopped their deaths by stopping her brother by acting cute. She even saved a painter who drew her from the emperor due to the painting not being up to his standards. But she was able to spare the painter by willingly showing satisfaction towards the painting. Many lives were saved in the palace due to her cuteness so everyone held a lot of respect towards the princess.

Overall Story & Artwork in “Youngest Princess”

“Youngest Princess” differ from others webtoons that have a similar relationship between a father and a daughter. Because their relationship is much greater and the emperor become very affectionate from the start. And one of the reason is due to the fact They both lose their mother from birth. Therefore emperor pities the Youngest princess who shares the same burdens as him. Due to her cuteness both sons and the emperor become slaves to the princess and protects her with their lives. The characters are drawn beautifully and cute scenes of the princess is illustrated amazingly by the artwork. And its artwork is on par with the popular webtoons right now. This is one of the great light hearted stories of it’s genre. And i highly recommend the readers to try this webtoon.


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